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Law Office of Kathryn M. McHugh is one of the leading divorce lawyers in Western Maryland. As a divorce law firm with a track record of successful outcomes, my team and I are well aware that divorce is a time of crisis for most people. Because I have ushered hundreds of families through this transition over the past two decades, I believe divorce can ultimately be a chance for a fresh start for my clients.

I believe in taking a more sophisticated approach to resolving challenging divorce cases. In my experience, unnecessary litigation accomplishes very little while costing a great deal. My clients receive skillful negotiation that leads to cost effective resolution with favorable results.

Your situation is unique and you need solutions tailored to your specific circumstances and goals. During a divorce case evaluation, we will go over the details of your case and formulate a legal plan that will help you move through divorce proceedings and resolve it so that you can move on with your life.

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